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After my first session, the results were positive and gave me hope that at long last I was getting the help I needed....Claire was supporting with the pain relief I had gone to seek, but I also saw a big improvement with the Gerd (reflux).

I've had more sessions since and each time I have had improvement...feeling more hopeful and optimistic, something you definitely want after years of chronic pain.

K. H. (Lumbar sacral pain & spondylolisthesis)

Claire is really knowledgeable and has helped me enormously with my chronic back and neck pain.  I highly recommend her!


Claire has helped me tremendously with pelvic pain which I had not been able to get help with via other routes. Claire found that my leg, back and core muscles were locked tight after months of intense exercise and were causing the pain and discomfort. These are now letting go and I no longer need to take the painkillers.

Claire follows up between treatments to see how you are, advises on self care and is always available if you have questions.  

I cannot recommend Claire highly enough.


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