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Myofascial Release Therapy & Scar Tissue Work

The techniques I use with MFR will feel quite different from the normal massage or physiotherapy treatments you may have had before.  I use specialist Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and where appropriate, Scar Tissue Work.

Myo = muscle

Fascia = Connective tissue

Release = to let go, relax

The type of Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) I use is principally based on the John Barnes method and is performed very slowly as I gradually sink into the superficial fascia underneath the skin, wait for it to yield, and then begin to move my hands and perform MFR techniques to bring space to the body parts which may have been restricted, releasing them and promoting healing.

Because all levels of fascia are connected this then makes the deeper fascia more fluid and pliant too, with the effect spreading around the body. 

Because of the slow and gentle nature, most people find this is a very relaxing treatment too, allowing you to unwind both physically and mentally.

You will find that over the course of the treatments that I work in areas that may seem unrelated to where you feel the issue is.  The reason for this is that fascia, which is connective tissue, joins various parts of the body along lines, "tracks" or meridians with surprising consequences.  That pain in the left side of your neck may be a result of you twisting your right ankle months or even years ago!

See here, and here, (which downloads a document)for more information.

Healthy fascia is fluid, dynamic, and pliable tissue that amongst many other things allows the muscles to slide and glide against each other, creating unrestricted movement.

Fascia can be damaged or restricted by repetitive strain, poor posture, over or underuse of body parts, surgery, neurological conditions, and even emotional trauma and becomes stuck, bound, and inflexible thus impacting the structures beneath it

Myofascial Release aims to restore healthy blood flow, hydration, and pliability to the fascia, muscles, and other soft tissues to help restore normal movement and balance.

During the treatments, I will encounter trigger points (commonly called "knots") which are areas of focussed tension and restriction caused by tight fascia.  When touched they can be painful, and they can also refer pain to other parts of the body. When I encounter these, I will wait for the fascia to respond which will release these specific areas.

The Scar tissue work I use is based on Sharon Wheeler's method and is a very gentle way of releasing fascial restrictions caused by both surgical and injury scars.  Even if you don’t think your scar is a problem it could be affecting the internal soft tissue more deeply and extensively than you imagine. 

The scar you see is just the tip of the fascial iceberg.

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