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Back Pain?  Stiffness?  Stress?  Sciatica?   Reduced Mobility?   Joint Pain?   RSI?  Fibromyalgia?   Sports Injury?  Scar Tissue? TMJ pain? Pelvic pain?

Person in Pain

Myofascial Release - medicine for the 21st Century

For a natural, drug-free, and sustainable approach to your problem that also gives you ways to help yourself, get in touch here for an informal chat or to arrange an initial consultation and treatment. 

Conveniently located at at The Silver Web Holistic Centre, Eyre Street, Clay Cross S45 9NS 

So if you are in Derbyshire UK, Nottinghamshire UK or South Yorkshire UK please get in touch

I'm Claire and I was introduced to Myofascial Release when I trained as a clinical canine massage therapist about 8 years ago.  Fascinated by the technique I wanted to know more and how I could use it to help my fellow men & women so I trained with a leading human UK therapist and author on pain relief using MFR, Amanda Oswald

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